Shared Housing To Rent In Gloucestershire 

Shared Housing To Rent In Gloucestershire 

Here at Easy Rent Now, we specialise in helping single people – especially young adults and the most vulnerable in society – by providing them with good quality, affordable, shared housing. 
If you are interested in finding a home in a Shared Living project, please register below. We will contact you and help you with the Application Process. 
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We are the Shared Living Specialists in Gloucestershire and are a recommended provider to Gloucester City Council. 

View/download the 'How To Find Your Own Private Rented Property' Guide from Gloucester City Council for more details. 
We operate a portfolio of properties with a total of more than 50 rooms available throughout Gloucestershire.  
Here are just a few examples of the sort of homes we provide to our service users... 
What is Shared Housing? 
Shared housing is when renters share specific spaces in the property. Typically, each renter has their own bedroom and shares other rooms like the living area, kitchen and sometimes the bathroom. 
So, in a nutshell, shared housing is when you share a home with other renters. Pretty simple, right? But there are a few different types of shared accommodation that appeal to a diverse range of renters. 
What are the different types of shared accommodation? 
Renters have never had as much choice as they do now. Want your own place? Choose from snazzy apartment options or Build-to-Rent communities. Feel like sharing? Go for shared accommodation or a co-living space. 
Here are some of the available shared living options: 
Two sharers 
Two people sharing is a common form of shared accommodation. This is when two renters live in a property (usually a two-bedroom apartment, though sometimes it can be one with both rooms turned into bedrooms) and share the other spaces, such as the reception, kitchen and bathroom if there’s only one. 
Shared accommodation also comes in the form of House of Multiple Occupation (HMO), which refers to at least three renters living in a place that forms one full household. If there are five or more renters, the home is considered a large HMO. Renters have their own bedroom but share the kitchen, living room and bathroom. 
A co-living space offers your own private space, typically in the form of a bedroom and en-suite bathroom. The rest of the building focuses on social sharing, which includes a kitchen and dining area and residential lounges. These aren’t the same as other rooms inside a shared house; instead, they’re more akin to shared spaces in Build-to-Rent communities with fun social spaces designed for renters. The professionalised aspect is similar to a shared co-working space, and you don’t need to worry about adhering to a weekly cleaning rota. 

Here at Easy Rent Now, we are happy to discuss the sort of accommodation that would be right for you and your own individual circumstances. Simply get in touch. We're here to help! 

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